Unisource Engineered Solutions Opens Two New Labs

Unisource Engineered Solutions logo.Early last month, Unisource Engineered Solutions (UES) celebrated Grand Openings of Engineering Centers in New Berlin, WI and Cerritos, CA. The new Engineering Centers are equipped to enhance UES’s package design capabilities. When asked how the new facilities would benefit UES and their customers, Director Steve Alagna said, ”with the large investment that Unisource’s management made in these Engineering Centers, we will not only be able to validate a packaging solution, but also have the capability to help a customer determine their product’s fragility as well as collaborate with them on front-end engineering to help create a more robust product to reduce their packaging costs.”

Both Engineering Centers will be using Lansmont Test Equipment and Instruments in their test labs to evaluate packaging designs. Each location has a Model 122 Compression System, a PDT-56ED Drop Tester, and a hydraulic vibration system (Model 1800 in CA, Model 10000 in WI). Each lab also includes a Lansmont Shock System—a Model 65/81 and Model 95/115 in Cerritos and New Berlin respectively—giving UES the capability to evaluate the structural integrity of a customers’ product via shock testing. The labs also have SAVER 3X90’s so that UES can evaluate actual field conditions for their customers.

Thanks to UES for the opportunity to be a part of these two new, state-of-the-art package testing facilities. If you would be interested to learn more about UES services and lab capability, please feel free to contact me directly!

Grand opening of UES' engineering centers.