Upgrade: GEN3 Hydraulic Power Supply

NEW Release – Lansmont GEN3 hydraulic power supply (HPS) for Vibration Test Systems, the engine that drives our test systems. Generating the high pressure fluid produces heat – and dissipating the heat is a necessity to provide maximum up time.

Lansmont GEN3 hydraulic power supply (HPS) for Vibration Test Systems.The GEN3 HPS introduces new heat exchangers available in both Air Cooled and Water Cooled configurations. If you’re looking for a self-contained unit – to plug in power and go – the Air Cooled option is a great choice. Its self-contained and super simple – requiring no plumbing / water / or chiller connections. If you have access to facility chilled water – the Water Cooled version can provide a more compact installation footprint.

A new pressure manifold design reduces the discrete component count and allows for easier service and maintenance. New sensors are used to provide better temperature control safety interlocks. The system now includes dual pressure relief valves – one downstream of the filter – and another upstream of the filter. The filter protection relief valve redirects excess hydraulic pressure away from the filter – in case the filter becomes dirty or clogged – to reduce the operation load on the motor.

In the big picture – the GEN3 is a drop in replacement for previous generations of HPS – but in the details it’s more efficient and simpler in almost every respect.

It is designed to keep the hydraulic fluid at a safe operating temperature and to provide the filtering needed to keep the fluid clean. Clean & Cool fluid helps protect your system and allows the HPS to provide maximum up time – and the GEN3 HPS is all about that.

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