Working Port

This is great footage of a working port – and you can watch the entire process from ship arrival to departure. Worth the 15 minute investment.

Though we’re lucky to see a video such as this, the reality is that ports are highly-secured, with restricted access. So how do you know what takes place within these ports when your products are being unloaded, loaded or moved throughout a given port?

Like many of our customers, Lansmont also manufactures high value capital equipment that’s transported globally using every mode of transportation available. Thus we also monitor critical shipments of our products. When shipping one of our large format shock test systems to the Philippines, the crate traveled by air from the US to the Philippines, by ocean/sea inter-island, then over the road to its final installation location. Upon its arrival we received the following pictures:

Damaged crate in a port.

Good thing we were monitoring the shipment. Review of the SAVER SAVER 3X90 Shock and Vibration Data Recorder - Mounting Position3X90 data clearly showed a significant drop that occurred within the Philippines while the crate was being unloaded at the port. The customer was able to pinpoint the location of the mishandling; proving the liability of the damage resided with this specific carrier, helping to expedite a financial resolution.