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TP3 MINI was developed to provide speed and simplicity in a truly portable package. The 4-Channel MINI requires no external power- it gets all required power (including signal conditioning) from the USB port on your laptop! TP3 MINI has the features, power, and portability you need to get the job done.

TP3 LITE Software

Paired with either the MINI data acquisition hardware, TP3 LITE is the ideal companion for the package designer needing to verify drop/shock performance of their designs. The LITE version of the software possesses the elegance of simplicity with the features you will need to get the job done with confidence.

TP3 ETC Software

When you are ready to step up to the big leagues, the optional TP3 ETC has the features to get the job done. TP3 ETC adds Extended Transient Computations to allow you to explore the finer details of shock events.

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Product Specification Highlights

TP MINI offers Plug-and-Play Simplicity! Portability: Works with your USB equipped notebook or PC in the field or in the lab Complete: Direct connection of voltage mode accelerometers and instrumentation… No additional signal conditioning hardware required. TP-USB – Mini will also accept a voltage signal from charge amplifiers for use with charge-type instrumentation. Performance: 16 Bits, 1 Mhz Sampling

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Complete product details available on downloadable specification sheet.

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