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Lansmont portable Field Instruments products measure real-world dynamics and our Laboratory Equipment products are used to simulate those dynamics in laboratory environments. 

Our products deliver complete Field‐to‐Lab™ Solutions.

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What We Do


Lansmont Corporation is the world’s largest provider of state-of-the-art measurement, testing and monitoring equipment. Product and packaging engineers rely on Lansmont equipment to discover the limits and unknowns in their products’ transport and in-use environments.  Lansmont helps engineers design stronger, more durable products and packages that can survive the rigors of the real world by measuring hazards before putting products at risk. Engineers who know more improve product quality, optimize packaging, and confidently contribute to their company’s bottom line. Lansmont helps you find the limits so you can test the limits.



Monitor and measure any environment with precision using our field data recorders.


Test Partner

The standard for acquisition and analysis of data from drop, shock, and impact events.



Precision shock systems ensure components and products stands up to real-world hazards.



Hydraulic vibration systems simulate the effects of transportation to protect shipments.



Precision drop testers deliver accurate testing and repeat it quickly for maximum efficiency.



Make sure your packaging can stand up to pressure with our full range of compression tests.


Mechanical Shaker

Our mechanical shakers provide entry level vibration testing to evaluate repetitive shock.



Our systems make it easy to perform impact testing that is reliable and safe.



Helping maximize instrument and equipment accuracy and up-time.


Data Analysis

Data specialists  helping you acquire, analyze, and interpret every bit of information.


Field-To-Lab Professional Services

Expert services supporting field measurement, data analysis, equipment selection and specification development.


Knowledge Network

A Lansmont Knowledge Network consultant can provide the support you need to make decisions you can trust.

Our Markets


Whether sending a satellite into orbit or receiving a load of mangos, you need to know your valuable products will maintain their integrity during transit and while in use.  Lansmont is helping customers use our technologies to characterize the environment, simulate the environment, build better protection systems, and monitor the performance of their system designs. This feedback loop of acquiring data, modifying design, and monitoring results of optimized products and packages is what we call Field-to-Lab. It helps products survive the school of hard knocks in nearly every category. So find a market that suits you and see what Lansmont could do to help you survive life’s ups and downs




Very few of us engineers like being the very first to tackle a problem.  It is helpful to learn from the successes, and sometimes failures, of those who preceded us.  Lansmont equipment is used in so many applications, in so many industries, that there’s surely to be a similar application from which you could draw inspiration. So we’ve collected customer stories, novel applications, and dramatic, game-changing results to give you ideas from the school of hard knocks.  Check out case studies  in our newsletter, “Movers and Shakers,” or help yourself to any of our free resources we have made available here.  If knowledge is power, you’ll enjoy a power trip through these helpful resources.


Knowledge Network


Lansmont has developed training for operators, specific to equipment and applications, to ensure you enjoy the most benefit from your equipment and the best information for decision-making. Lansmont will help operators achieve competence and confidence in operating Lansmont test systems.

Lansmont also offers Field-to-Lab applications training for more advanced Lansmont technology users or those with the responsibility to impact product and or/package design.  This training addresses not only the equipment, but also the data and how it can be used to maximize value in your design and evaluation efforts.

 Lansmont technical training is the best in the business, so get the training you need to get the most from your equipment.


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