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Test Partner™ 4 Shock Data Acquisition

Test Partner 4 (TP4) is Lansmont’s latest generation shock data acquisition system designed to capture and analyze dynamic events. TP4 incorporates a processing engine to capture substantial amounts of dynamic data and an intuitive interface to quickly analyze data parameters. TP4 provides data acquisition through analog and/or bridge input channels which support a variety of voltage-based and Wheatstone bridge-type sensors. All channels can be configured for sample rates up to 2.5 MHz providing versatility to acquire data attributed to drop, shock, impacts, strain, as well as pyro-shock and blast impact events where captured data is rich with high frequency content.

Analog channels support IEPE-type or voltage-based sensors for performing measurements of acceleration or event detection. The voltage-based event detection provides capabilities to define test constraints for electrical connections and determine when those design constraints have been exceeded.

Bridge/strain channels support quarter-, half-, or full-bridge and DC-based sensors to measure acceleration, force, strain, pressure and voltage levels.

An External I/O channel can be configured to trigger or arm the system and an Ethernet interface allows the user to operate TP4 remotely over the network or connected locally to a PC.

Lansmont Test Partner 4 shock data acquisition device.

Product Features Highlights

Intuitive, powerful user interface

  • Shock Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Voltage-based Event Detection Analysis
  • Strain/force/pressure/voltage Analysis

Network configurable

Database file management

Automatic or manual non-destructive filtering

Automatic or manual analysis of shock or vibration events

  • peak acceleration, duration, velocity change, Grms
  • Time History, SRS, PSD, FFT

Automatic or manual analysis of events detected

  • Duration, Min/Max Limits, Critical-to-Failure “CTF”

Automatic or manual analysis of strain events

Software configurable analog channels for acceleration or analog event detection

Software configurable bridge/strain channels with quarter, half, or full-bridge strain, force, pressure, acceleration, voltage

Preview Mode’ – verify channel(s) signal conditions prior to event trigger

Product Specification Highlights

Hardware Features

  • Valid Data Bandwidth up to 200 kHz
  • Up to 2.5MHz data sample rate per channel
  • 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC per channel at 20MHz over-sampling rate (anti-aliasing)

 High Channel Count Capability

  • Up to 40 dynamic analog or 20 dynamic bridge/strain channels per standalone system
  • Link multiple systems for higher channel count configurations
  • Analog channels support IEPE sensors
  • User configurable channels for acceleration or event detection acquisition

External Arm or Trigger Capability

Network Capability

  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Local or remote system management
  • Efficiently manage large data files
  • Fast re-arm & re-trigger functionality – “rapid fire” mode


Product Options Highlights

Available in 8-40 Channel single chassis configuration.

Link multiple TP4 chassis together for a maximum system channel count of 256.

External I/O channel can be configured to trigger or arm the system with ±12V and an Ethernet interface allows the user to operate TP4 remotely over the network or connected locally to a PC.

Complete product details available on downloadable specification sheet.

Channel Count Flexibility

Test Partner 4 - rear view.

Event Detection Analysis

Event detection analysis using Test Partner 4.

Database File Management

Test Partner 4 data output screen.

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